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Announcement for January 2009 Residency

 As class representative for the Winter Class of 2009, I am happy to announce that part of our class gift is going to be in the form of a scholarship opportunity for students entering their THIRD semester at this residency.  Many of us in the graduating class found that our third semester projects were highly complex, and for many, quite expensive beyond the usual semester costs.  Official forms will be available at the residency, but here are the questions if you want to prepare a bit in advance: 1.  Clearly describe the purpose of the project in 3-5 sentences, including the proposed final product.  2.  Demonstrate ways in which the project is related to the purpose of the scholarship award in 3-5 sentences. and 3.  List the potential costs of the project, including if possible a book/supply list and estimated costs.  Justify the items needed to complete the project as proposed.
    Forms are going to be due back to the MFA table by noon on the Wednesday of the residency.  

    Thanks so much,
     Meredith Hanson Potter, W'09

Stonecoast Grad/New Author Interview

Stonecoast graduate Penelope Schwartz Robinson's first book, the essay collection Slippery Men (winner of the Stonecoast Prize in 07), is being published this month. Today, I put up an author Q/A with Penelope on my blog (www.LisaRomeo.blogspot.com).  Or use this link:  http://tiny.cc/mnsmB

So, um, I got into Stonecoast. Full write-up here.

Who's up for celebrating?

Stonecoast grads at Readercon

Readercon was a blast and it was great to see so many Popfic Stonecoasters there! Here are some pictures. You should be able to see me (Sandra), Jim Kelly, David Anthony Durham, Allison Hartman Adams, Rebecca Longster, Michaela Roessner-Herman, Erin Underwood, and Allison's husband. (Also, on my way out of Logan Airport I saw Ann Hood's new novel at the airport Border's -- nice to see!)

jim kelly breakfast_edited-1

stonecoast at readercon july 2008

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